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About Me

About Me

Hey Peeps!

I'm Miranda, and I'm formerly lots of things (I sold dumpsters, fro-yo, and car parts to name a few), but most recently I was a cakery owner of Got What It Cakes. I'm a mom of two daughters who I call my "minis,” and the wife to Joshua, who I call "Stud" (yes, he's even in my phone under that name). Most days you can find me oversharing about my insane life on my InstaStories, in a segment I call "carpool confessions." Follow along as I decide what to be when I grow up, while I navigate my other love, the queen city of Charlotte! I also tend to go by "Mayor Miranda," and am awaiting my key to the city ;) Read More

xo, Miranda


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  • So proud of these guys!!! My stud, dad, and family friend, Troy, completed a Cannonball Run this past weekend! That means, they drove from coast to coast, NYC to LA, as fast as they could. They crushed it, and although I was terrified of this trip, I’m so happy they got to live out a childhood dream! And there were zero speeding tickets/arrests/crashes 🙌🏼 Troy flew back to CLT from LA, but my dad and Joshua are now driving back across the country, albeit slower this time, and making fun stops along the way! If you want to check out their journey, head to @cannonballrun2019 , watch their highlights, look through the feed, and follow along! It’s been so fun for me to watch Joshua have a bucket list trip (complete with the tattoo to go with it 😬). Now, get home safe guys! I love y’all! @runningman0808 #cannonball #cannonballrun #coasttocoast #nyctola #bucketlist
  • Three days ago, I joined my friend @jenkipphut for yoga (go back a few pics on my feed), and in order to come with her some more, I got the first month special of $35. At the end of class, somewhere between the 1st and 5th minute of shavasana, I decided I should use that pass to the fullest, and come every day of that 30. You see, typically I would’ve told myself that attending just two classes pays for the $35, and anything beyond that is extra! But I’m the type of person who NEEDS a weird, numerical, consistent challenge to actually show up. “Motivation” isn’t enough for me because frankly, I don’t like to workout. I like HAVING worked out, but not the act itself. And honestly, I’m not crazy about yoga either! It’s just SO QUIET and HARD. But back in that post I talked about the importance of showing up for your people. Maybe it’s also time to show up for myself? I’m on day 3/30, and haven’t quit yet (and spoiler alert: I won’t ✊🏼)!!! Join me at @yogaoneclt dilworth ...I’m posting the days/times in my stories if you want to come with, I’d love that! #yoga #hotyoga #sweatitallout #yogaposes #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yogagirl #handstand 📷: @sarahbaucom
  • I’ve been sharing my favorite #stpatricksday treats on the blog the last few days! And if you visit my insta-stories, you can swipe right up to get straight to them! Including this super easy shamrock sprinkle sundae, and every ingredient is from a grocery store! Fun for kids AND adults! May the luck of the Irish be with you today and always! #treat #icecream #wafflecones #sprinkles #rainbow #stpaddysday #fun #kiddos #craft #diy
  • Head to my stories to see why @jenkipphut and I were in tears at the end of our yoga class today. It’s a lesson in showing up for your friends in the simplest of ways. For me, it was going to a yoga class with Jen for the first time since her husband had passed away from cancer. They used to do yoga together, and she was ready to go back today. She guided me through every step of the hard class, and I comforted her when the tears fell, and made her giggle a few times too. I’d say we both needed this. And because of today, I’ve decided to do 30 classes in 30 days. I wonder how many more stories will be written a month from now? Reach out to your friends who are grieving, and show up in some way. #yoga #friendship #cancersucks #shesmytrainer #andnewfriend #takecareofeachother #brutiful
  • THIS IS HOW I’VE FELT ALL DAY WITH IG AND FB BEING “DOWN!” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤨🤔 My stories aren’t uploading, and I’m really bummed because my grandma joined me for carpool confessions, and was extra precious! I will upload them as soon as it starts to work again, and until then, I’ll talk to people in real life 😂 We’ll get through this together friends! 🤣 If you’re missing me, you can always watch my highlight bubbles and I’m able to get DMs randomly! #wewillrebuild #IGisbroken #imissyall #socialmediaisweird #butgreat 📸 @jimtricephoto
  • Truth: I wore this outfit out (but with black jeans instead of black leggings) Friday night, and never got a pic. So the next day, I threw it back on, had Bella follow me out to the back porch, and had her snap a pic (luckily, my slept-in makeup was still on point 😂). This shirt and blush shoes are NEW to @shopmakailajames and can be yours! Use code MIRANDA15 for 15% off and as always, free shipping! DM me for grey jacket, leggings, necklace and earrings links if you need info (or check my stories)! #fashionblogger #whoknew #ootd #weekendwear #shopsmall #shoplocal #onlineboutique #clothing #instagramdaughter

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