My kids saw the billboard a couple weeks ago as we were driving down 77, and the questions started, “OH MOMMY! The Little Mermaid is coming to Charlotte!!! Can we goooooooooooooooooooo, PLEASSSSSSSSE?!!!”

“I’ll look into the the ticket prices and see if we can swing it girls!” I replied, full of hope and in a pleasant mommy voice!

Then I looked at the prices, and decided, ‘maybe watching the DVD, AGAIN, will be a close runner-up?!’ 😉

Honestly, I get why ticket prices are high for these shows. The talent is INSANE, the production is top-notch, the theater is nice, the people working are beyond pleasant, and so on and so forth. But it doesn’t mean that I can afford it often. I actually said to Joshua recently, “I could easily see a show (be it comedy, concert, play, musical, etc.) every night of my life and be happy, but we’d also be bankrupt.” 🙂

So what does a girl do when live performances are her life, but her bank account says ‘nah girl. you need to stay home?!’

You start a gofundme! KIDDING. You dig around for some ideas! And this one didn’t take long, because look what I found on the Blumenthal’s very own website

Did yall know about this?! I had heard about it from a friend or two when another show came to town a year or so ago, but already had tickets to it, so didn’t look into any further. Oh, and make sure to look at the details for each show, as they seem to vary, and it seems like this offer is ONLY available on EVENING shows! I can’t stress this part enough friends…EVERY night/show is different, because tickets get sold around the clock, so go to the website first! But for the most part, IF there are still seats available last minute, you can get tickets for $25…first come/first serve!

Here’s how it worked for us last night:

Box office opens two hours before show, so for the 7pm show, it opened at 5. Naomi (my cousin) went at 4:50, and was the 6th person in line.

When she got to the ticket window, she was asked how many tickets needed…”Three!”

The computer generates the best available seats and you get those! Ours were orchestra right…typically more than $100 each!

Then Naomi came and picked us up, we headed to dinner, and then off to the show!

So how was it?!

AMAZING! Better than I even expected! I don’t want to spoil anything as far as theatrics are concerned, but it was top notch! For me, Ursula and Sebastian stole the show, and all of the voices were incredible…wow can Ariel SANG, HONEY!!!

My lovely Lilly!

My cousin, Naomi!

The ticket prices (at any price) are worth going to see The Little Mermaid, but I must say my wallet was thrilled we were able to go for $25 each! We had the BEST time!

Definitely check into it next time you want to head to a show! Naomi did say that by 5pm, the line had grown to about 25 people, but they all seemed to get tickets because there were still a few random empty seats in the theater by showtime! Best bet is to arrive early! I also think you’ll have a better shot on a week night than a weekend, and not an opening or closing night, be we get our tickets on an opening night, so it’s always worth a shot!

Now in saying ALL OF THIS, I realize that certain shows will be completely sold out (yes, I’m talking about you Hamilton), and this won’t even be an option (will I still try JIC?! heck YES)! I also realize that certain shows only allow you to buy two tickets at a time like this (Wicked). This is why I can’t reiterate enough to check the Blutmenthal’s website each and every time!

Oh, and lastly, an FB follower of mine told me that you might be able to get single seat tickets for a good price the day of shows online…look into it if you go to the theater alone (I totes would)!

Hope that helps!!!