Ringmaster Lilly is the Greatest Show(o)man!

Is anyone else completely OBSESSED with the movie, The Greatest Showman?! My family cannot get enough of it (I think I’ve seen it five times in the theater), we blast the soundtrack around the clock, and we are quoting it nonstop.

So it didn’t come as any surprise when Lilly said she wanted that as her theme for her birthday party! “So you want a circus-themed party?!” I asked, and she said, “Sort of. I more mean that I want to learn how to be like Zendaya…doing the trapeze!”

{Enter me internally questioning how to make this happen}

I remembered a place we had seen promoted at Heroes Con, and contacted them right away! Aerial Charlotte does trapeze, Lyra (hoop), and silks, but for a kid’s birthday, they’ll only do the silks! I booked her party and we were off and swinging (see what I did there?! ;))

Once I had the location and time nailed down, I went where I always go for my invitations and party printables, AndersRuff Custom Designs! I love the idea of picking a package, having them customize it to my child’s name/age, and then printing as many of the things as I want/need! Want 75 invitations? Great! Print them yourself, instead of paying per invite! Need 100 water bottle wraps? It’s so much more economical to print 5 per page on your home printer, than buy 100 wraps!

AndersRuff already had a cute circus theme in their shop, so I simply emailed Becky and asked her to change the wording to reflect our info, and here it is…

I was cutting it too close to snail mail these to her guests, so I sent them in an email, and had to include the waiver anyways, so it worked out perfectly! Becky then go to work editing the printables that I wanted to use for the party, and sent those to me in a matter of minutes! That’s what’s so awesome about using package templates…you get the look of custom work (because it is), but fast turnaround because they can edit it so quickly, instead of reinventing the wheel each and every time πŸ™‚

Next step was Oriental Trading! I get $75 in credit by being an ambassador for their blogging platform, and I filled up my cart with lots of decor, place settings, candy, etc. and pressed submit! It said I’d get it Friday, Feb. 2nd, which was cutting it close (party was the next day), even for a procrastinator like me, but I knew I could make it work.

The week before Lilly’s birthday was just one of those insane weeks, where I had 1-2 events each day/night, the usual sport’s practices, Joshua traveling, and the list goes on. I kept saying to myself, ‘there’s plenty of time!’ And before I knew it, it was Friday. We went to Dilworth Neighborhood Grille because cooking dinner was just TOO HARD, and they even surprised Lilly with a dessert we’d never had! It looked like a funnel cake, and it reminded me that I had forgotten to order her cake for the party!!!


I always gave people grief in my head when they’d order their kid’s cake last minute, thinking to myself, ‘you had 364 days…it’s not like you don’t know their birth day?!’ And here I was doing the exact same thing!!! I kept thinking I’d find time to throw something together but then I didn’t. So as we were devouring this funnel cake thing on our table, it dawned on me ‘FUNNEL CAKES ARE A CIRCUS TREAT!’ I ordered two for the next day to be picked up a 12:45pm on our way to Aerial CLT!

BOOM! We had our “cake” for the party!

I had been stalking the mail all day waiting for the Oriental Trading package, and when we got back from dinner, I just knew it would be there waiting for us. Well I was wrong. I honestly don’t know what happened to it, as it still hasn’t arrived. Was it user error? Could very likely be that! But that meant I had the few hours in the morning to get everything needed for this party.

I woke up on Saturday, took a shower, and got ready for the day. It was at this moment, probably while blow drying my hair (which is when I think about everything), that I realized I had forgotten to have Joshua print off all of the printable stuff Becky had sent me?!!! I really think something is wrong with my brain yall, but thank God for Joshua. He ran down to his office, printed off everything, and came home to start cutting it all!

Meanwhile the minis and I headed to the Dollar Tree and bought EVERYTHING we needed for decor, and then Food Lion for everything we needed food wise! When we got home, it was ‘help daddy cut and hot glue all the things’ time! We were freakin’ machines yall! Once everything was cut, assembly time started! We had to hole punch/string the three banners, remove the bottle wraps and replace with our’s, hot glue the cupcake toppers to the lollipop sticks, attach the printable to the folded napkins, and hole punch/tie the thank you tags!

The minis filled up the popcorn containers with popcorn, Carnival lollipops, circus peanuts, pencils and bubble gum, which doubled as their take home gifts so the tag was attached to the lollipop.

I arranged the place settings, doing a square black plate, gold star plate, and red round plate. I paired this with yellow napkins folded in half, a printable on top of the napkin, and a blue fork. All from the Dollar Tree, so to do 10 place settings (with leftover plates and silverware to spare), it was less than $5!

We also had black with gold star containers of shelled peanuts, just in case an elephant decided to walk through the doors! I had tickets left over from Bella’s movie party, so I stuck one in each peanut container for added effect! Once everything had been assembled, I packed it all up, we headed to pick up the funnel cake and then to Aerial CLT to set up! I had 15 minutes to do so (per their rules), and Lilly welcomed her guests (all 9 we invited were able to come!)

And of course, the Barnum’s Animal crackers HAD to make an appearance! Plus, this gave the kids a wide variety of snacks to choose from had they gotten hungry while working on the silks!

The funnel cakes came with three toppings: raspberry sauce, chocolate syrup, caramel, in addition to powdered sugar, and we added them to each of the girls’ plates per their requests. Here’s Lilly blowing out her candle, and it falling over πŸ™‚ I love her smile and laugh so much!

I found the gold top hats at Dollar Tree 5/$1 so grabbed two packs for each girl to have one for photo ops (and another thing to take home)!

Remember when I said I was going to order a cake, but dropped the ball? Well, one of my favorite hacks is to order a plain white cake from the grocery and “decorate” it myself, using ribbon around the side, sixlets on the border, and a fun topper. See some tutuorials I put together HERE!

But since I forgot to order the white cake, and we had the funnel cakes from Dilworth Grille in our back pocket, we headed to Food Lion to see what else I might buy and work with. When we saw the 12 pack of cupcakes in our colors already iced, Lilly said, “we can get those!” For $3.99, I completely agreed! We simply removed the plastic toppers that were on a few of them, and replaced with our square printable toppers that were hot glued to lollipop sticks!

The table came together in no time since so much was done at home, and the girls were able to get right into their silks lesson with Julia (who was awesome)! They started with the basics and within an air, were upside down and swinging back and forth! It was awesome to see them all have a great time, working hard on something they were all doing for the first time, and giggling nonstop!

Oh, I forgot to mention where we got Lilly’s outfit! We found the red leotard and top hat at Morris Costumes! We looked for black tails but couldn’t find anything in her size unfortunately. I even asked a few friends, but just couldn’t come up with it. She still looked awesome though!

At the end of the class, I got a chance to photograph each girl doing her favorite pose!

The Ringmaster herself!


Isabella in namaste (#duh)











All in all, our Ringmaster had the BEST ninth birthday, surrounded by her friends, doing something she had wanted to try since seeing The Greatest Showman! Now, if I could just get Zendaya to wish her happy birthday?!!!

Here are some of the things I used! The prices may be higher on Amazon than what I paid, but it’s just to help point you in the right direction, and in case you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby!

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. This basically means I make a small commission, at no additional cost to you!

Don’t forget to pin it!!!


Who are you wearing?!

So many people asked me that question Saturday night!


But I felt like that because I attended the Fashion Breathes Life event at the Mint Museum uptown for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! It’s a cause near and dear to my heart, that I’ve been involved with in some way over the past five or so years! If you’d like to get involved with an awesome organization, please ask me anything, and I’d love to chat with you about it!

Now back to the dress! πŸ™‚

Do yall remember the HASHTAG NSALE MADNESS that happened last July when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was going on?! Where every blogger you knew was doing try-on sessions in the dressing rooms and saying “swipe up” more times than you could count?! (And I say that out of pure jealousy for not having the swipe up feature yet because I’m not popular enough) πŸ˜‰

Well, as a joke, I did a try-on session myself, but picked some of the most hideous things I could find. I put them on my Insta-story (seriously, why aren’t you watching me embarrass myself on them daily), and had a good laugh at myself, as did everyone else watching!


I did end it with this one dress that was so gorgeous, it was legit calling my name…

“Mirandaaaaaaa, commmmmme pick me upppppp and try me onnnnnnn!”

So I did, and it was like it was made for me. Well, me if I was 10 inches taller (seriously, it was so long). But I had no where to wear it at the time, and let’s be honest, it’s not like I’m getting invited to a ton of black tie galas these days. So I hung it back up no matter how many DMs told me to buy it. It was $268 and although to some of you that’s not much (for a fancy dress), to me that’s A LOT. Especially for a dress that I might get to wear one day?!

Look at how long it was LOL!

Someone took pity on my question!

True to size is blogger speak πŸ™‚

Fast forward to getting invited to this CFF gala! I knew I had to find this beloved dress!!! But I had nothing more than a picture of me in it from my insta-story…no designer name, no tag, nothing. I knew it was navy and silver and floral with pockets. YES POCKETS LADIES!!! I asked Jessica and Kelley if they knew (since these women be shoppin’) who designed it and they went on a hunt. Alice found it within 2 minutes I think…world record timing if you ask me AND it was on Amazon (for $60 less)!!!

I went to order it, but got distracted and totally forgot (shocker)! Days later, I had a nagging feeling I was forgetting something! OH YEAH, ORDER THE FRICKING DRESS MIRANDA!!

I went back to Amazon to order it, and GUESS WHAT YALL?!

It was now $170!!!!!!! You know those moments in life where you think, “there MUST be a God?!” This was one of those for me πŸ™‚ Because He’s busy dropping the prices of dresses in His spare time, obvi πŸ˜‰

It arrived a week or so before the event, I tried it on, and then waited to hem it until two hours before the gala because I AM WHO I AM. But it got done like everything always does πŸ™‚ In this dress, I felt pretty, and confident. You won’t hear that often come out of my mouth.

It was a super industrial space!

So who WAS I wearing?! Eliza J apparently!

And here’s the link if you’d like to get it too…

And it looks like pricing depends on the size? I was wearing a 10, which was $170 when I ordered it! Not sure what it is now? It also comes in three color combos, so look at all of them before you decide!

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor!

I’ve talked a few times about how we live in a very small condo (that I ADORE), and when we first moved in, we had this awkward spot in the living room that we needed to figure out what to do with. We love the idea of having a mantle, and found one at At Home (formerly Garden Ridge), and put it in that spot! Then we put different-sized lanterns under it to mock a fireplace of sorts, and it’s truly one of my favorite places in the condo!

I like to have fun with the mantle, and have regular decor that lives on it, but it’s also my go-to place to decorate for any and all holidays! And as you’ve even seen on this blog many times, it’s one of my favorite places to take pictures, especially my cake-related posts! I get good light, and the decor makes for a cute backdrop, like with my Easter cake!

Valentine’s Day is no different, and I decorated the mantle for it yesterday! I needed a few things, so I headed to the Mecca…Target, #duh, and found everything I wanted (and more) at the dollar spot! I typically don’t have anything in mind when looking for decor, except I want at least one piece with height, garland of some sort to hang down, something I can group in three, and often times, something I can DIY.

So when I found this thick-sided wood tray close to some cute clothes pins, I automatically thought of turning the tray on its side, and making it into a photo holder somehow. I thought the wood was too plain thought, and rustic isn’t my style, so enter…GOLD GLITTER! I never print pictures (shame on me, I know), so I headed to the photo center and $0.32 later, I had prints from the holiday season in my hands! Seriously, what would we do without Target, yall?!

Here’s what I used:

  • wooden tray $5
  • gold glitter (already had, but I saw small tubes of it at the dollar spot for $1)
  • clothespins $1
  • photos $0.32
  • elmers glue (already had, but $1)
  • foam brush (already had, but $0.50)

Start with the wooden tray, and squeeze a good amount of glue on it. Using your foam brush, spread the glue around, making sure to get all the way to the edge and in the corners. Work quickly so the glue doesn’t dry but if it does, go back over it…no worries! Then dump in the gold glitter, and move it around the tray by tilting back and forth until it’s completely covered. Dump out the excess onto a sheet of paper and put it back in the container!

After that, I cut the pictures in their rectangles (since they printed on one page), and laid three of them out to look at spacing. Once I had the spots I liked, I put glue on the back of the clothespins, and pressed them down onto the gold glitter, wiggling back and forth until the clothespin hit the tray. Let it dry flat for a few minutes, put the pictures in the clothespins and VOILA!

From there, put it on the mantle with all of your other findings, and then rearrange everything 10745539 times! Kidding, sort of πŸ˜‰ Truthfully, this one was easy for me to do and not mess with too much because of my simple “rules” below…

Tips for arrangements, really anywhere in your home:

  • I don’t like anything in the direct center…everything is offsest
  • Group in odd numbers (like the three votive holders)
  • Use things with different heights (I used the same glue, glitter, and pic idea on the tall chalkboard)
  • Use different colors and even different tones of colors so it doesn’t look too matchy-matchy
  • Find something sentimental…the gold wishbone reminds me of growing up because my siblings and I would always break the wishbone to see who got good luck! (This is the only thing not from Target’s dollar spot…I got it on clearance from Cracker Barrel for $3!)

So there ya’ll go! A completely decorated mantle for less than $25, AND it included a DIY project for less than $10 and took no more than five minutes to do!

Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!

Are you ready for a house update?! (part 3)

Are you ready for a house update?!

SO.AM.I! πŸ˜‰

But the truth of the matter is, there kind of isn’t one!


People keep asking me, “how’s the house coming along?!” Because the last update was that the lot was already being graded, was moving quickly, and we were ready to start the permit process. So we submitted it, and waited for WEEKS for an answer, and we got back a big, fat, NO.


Greg, our GC, said it was probably more of a clerical problem than a house plan problem, which is good because clerical is easier to fix. I’m talking a ‘forget to dot the i’ thing. So we resubmitted and thought, ‘this shouldn’t take long! They already know us. A day or two and we’re good to go!’ But all the nopes. We waited for weeks. AGAIN.


Because some hackers apparently got into our county’s government system and were holding the accounts ransom. To the tune of $23,000 (two bitcoins is what they had asked for). Our friend’s daughter joked that it was probably a 12-year-old in her class based on the ransom amount πŸ˜‰ “Did he ask for a Nintendo DS too?” I even had to laugh!

But essentially what the hackers were doing was freezing the servers, and threatening to erase information. Some of that information was…you guessed it…real estate permits! We really do have incredible timing I tell ya! πŸ˜‰ Anyways, we FINALLY got the “APPROVED” permit notification, and are ready to get this thang goin!


Not gonna lie, mama is totally freaking out that it’s not going to be ready in time. Because remember why this house is even happening in the first place? We’re going to be a family of EIGHT come June…remember when we were suddenly seven? I need a place to put this gaggle of giggling geese we call children sometimes πŸ˜‰


We believe it can be done in six months, because it’s a small, simple house. We aren’t building an estate, or anywhere close to it. We’ve been told, “corners are complicated,” meaning that the more corners there are, the more work there is to do. We legit picked a house with as few of corners as possible, without it being a “tiny house” (my dream)! πŸ™‚ Joshua and I are also very quick at making decisions when it comes to our house/decor/etc. We have similar taste and he tells me “no” or “yes” when I show him stuff. None of that “whatever you want babe” or “if you like it” crap. Help me decide, so we can move this ish along. πŸ˜‰ We simply have to believe at this point, it will all get done.


I mention where our new house is going to be in my previous posts but I’ve realized that not as many people know where the Regional Farmer’s market is as I thought. And now all I have to say is “near Olde Meck Brewery,” and everyone is like, “oh! cool!” Beer for the win, I guess?! πŸ™‚

Is there any good news?!

So it isn’t all stressful news because of the delay in this project. I had mentioned Lilly’s school stuff in one of my posts, and how we were going to have to petition the school board for her to stay in her current elementary school. I spoke to her principal about our situation, and she thinks I’d have a strong case to present, but she told me some info I didn’t know!

Your “home school” for the upcoming school year is determined by the address you have the last day of school the year before. So on June 8th 2018, whatever our address is, will be the “assigned” home school for Lilly for 4th grade, therefore if that’s the condo’s address, we don’t have to petition the school board. In addition, schools won’t move a child in a “transition year,” which 5th grade is, so she’s good for that year too. Basically, the delay could pay off in the fact that I don’t have to worry about a “no” from the board and move Lilly to the third elementary school in as many years.

Many have said “why don’t you just use our address?” or “I’m sure the people who move into your condo won’t have kids and you can still use that address…who would know?!” Here’s the reason why I was honest with the principal and everyone else…I can’t tell my kids to act honorable, do the right thing, tell the truth, etc. and then lie about something like this, especially since it has to do WITH Lilly directly. I didn’t want her to feel like she would need to fib or protect us in any way…it’s not her job, and honestly, she would spill the beans too. πŸ˜‰

So that’s the long and short of it yall! You want more info on what’s going on? Head HERE for part 1 of the why we are moving, and HERE for part 2!

Follow along on my social media channels if you want to see the most up-to-date information; Instagram is where I post #allthethings, and here’s my Facebook link! I’ve also started a pinterest board called Millers on the Move if you’d like to see some of the stuff that may make it into the house, and lots that won’t! Sometimes I pin things for reasons that have nothing to do with my own house, but someone else’s and I want to show them. Or I might pin it because I like the pulls on the cabinets but hate everything else!

If you have any comments or questions, let me know and I’ll answer them ASAP!

Here we are, standing on the lot, and let’s just imagine a house behind us, mmmmkay?! πŸ˜‰

Will you ring in the new year with me?!

Yall know by now I love a play on words and a theme! I mean, my bakery was named Got What It Cakes for the love! Since becoming a mom 11 years ago, New Year’s Eve has changed a bit, but in the last few years, we’ve gone to a hotel and rang in the new year with friends!

But when our kids were younger, we always stayed home and had the best time counting down to the new year with them. And even though they always had the next day off, we never let them stay up til midnight, yet still counted down (you’ll see how we worked around that below) and then Joshua and I had a few hours to ourselves before the clock struck twelve!

I can’t believe I found a pic from 2011 of us celebrating…blurry as can be because I probably had a flip phone and they were moving, but you get the gist πŸ™‚

If you want to do a few fun things with your kiddos to make the day/night extra special, here are some things we’ve done in the past, and I suggest throwing them a ‘Ring in the New Year’ party! And then continuing that ring theme throughout the night with food and fun!

Start with buying Ring Pops, and that serves as your “invitation” of sorts. You could even tie a little note that says “Ring in the new year with me?!” Or you could be super fancy and buy a clear box, fill it with sprinkles, put a ring pop in it, and do a printable that says ‘ring in the new year?’ It’s awesome and you can find a pic HERE, but that’s more than I could ever pull off FO SHO πŸ˜‰

For a fun party food idea, do make-your-own pizzas! You can be as homemade as you want, making the dough, sauce, chopping toppings, etc., but I simply bought a couple of frozen cheese pizzas, and then placed some black and green olive “rings” on them. I had each mini spell out 2018 in the toppings on each pizza…2-0 for one and 1-8 for the other! You can use mini pepperonis too! And you could have some Funyuns on the side since they’re also shaped like rings!

Of course we needed some desserts to sweeten the night! So I made some funfetti cupcakes (because it reminds me of confetti), iced them, and then put other ring-related/celebration toppings on them! Some examples: Wint-o-green mints, peach rings, ring pops, rainbow sprinkles, gold sprinkles!

For their “toast,” I would put milk in a champagne flute, and the smaller Entenmanns donuts on top (because donuts are in a ring shape). It’s a fun update to milk and cookies, and I’m a sucker for donuts πŸ™‚ In order for each kid to know which flute is his or hers, you could borrow the wine charm idea, but use rings with different decor on them. In this pic, you can see a ring I borrowed from Isabella’s science kit! The best part is that most kid rings have a gap in them anyways, making it easy to go around the stem of a champagne flute!

I wanted to make noise makers for the special night and of course, they had to have a ring theme as well. The best part is that you probably have everything you need already on-hand (see what I did there) πŸ˜‰ Take leftover small paper or plastic plates, and put dry beans in one of the plates. Hot glue a popsicle stick to the bottom of theΒ bean-filled plate, and then put hot glue around the outer ring of the plate and put the other plate on top!

Then have your kiddos decorate their plate however they want (we used puff paint)! You can even add a pipe cleaner to the top of the plate, bent in a way that it will resemble a diamond on the top of a ring! If you recognize the movie star plates, they’re from Bella’s 11th birthday!

Some other cute ring-themed games to play during your party: ring toss (you can buy a cheap set just about anywhere), or ring-around-the-rosie is FREE! But one of my best hacks (that I teased at the top) is to pull up London’s countdown (since they’re 5 hours ahead of us) on YouTube whenever you want the kiddos to go to bed, and use it as your countdown! Our kids were in bed by 8 or 9pm using this trick for years (change the clocks in the house if need be) πŸ˜‰ #protip

Whatever you decide to do for New Year’s, have FUN and BE SAFE! There is not one single reason why anyone should drink and drive. It’s not about you thinking you’re “fine” to drive; it’s about all of the other innocent people on the road that don’t deserve to have to dodge your death bullet. Okay, PSA over (very sensitive subject for me).

Here’s me on Charlotte Today talking about these ideas!!!

For things I’ve mentioned in this article, here ya go:

How to be the perfect guest this holiday season!

It’s December, and yall know what that means…


Now, I’m a girl who LOVES a reason to get together. But I’m the first to admit I’m lacking in the etiquette part of things! And I look to the Real Housewives to see what a lady is “supposed to do” when it comes to being a good guest. Kidding! But seriously, those betches NEVER show up empty-handed. And I think I finally have a grasp on what to bring to which occasion and am here to help spread the good news!

And to make this extra challenging, err I mean fun, I’m taking alcohol out of the running. I wrote about the why HERE, and think we could all use a little less booze, and a little more of ANYTHING ELSE AT THIS POINT. πŸ™‚

Without further ado, here are some ideas!

If you’ve been invited to a party, and have been asked to bring something to eat, I recently saw this video on Facebook and knew I HAD to make it. And oh holy night is it sooooooooo yummy! Click on the video link below:

Here were my changes: I used brie because it’s my fave! And instead of cranberry sauce, I used raspberry jam. Not because I don’t like cranberry sauce (I love it), but because I completely forgot it at the store, and had the jam in my fridge anyways πŸ™‚ Oh, and I didn’t include the bacon to make it doable for any vegetarian/kosher friends at the party! I also used some of the extra puff pastry and cut out a star to place on top of the cheese.

And it’s usually super annoying when people change a recipe (I realize this), but in this case, I loved the look/idea more than anything, and think substituting what flavors you like best, is completely fine! My finished product looks more like a wreath than a snowflake, but both are holiday appropriate so it’s all good in the ‘hood!

I also found this cute, plastic plate at the grocery store, which is perfect for shared food at a party because it’s meant to be left behind…

If you are invited to a holiday party at someone’s house, definitely don’t show up empty handed! They may have asked for you to bring something specific, and if so, bring that! But if you have free reign, I think a food item is always nice like fresh baked desserts from SugarBomb Sweets,Β or a pie from Slice Pie Company. If you’re looking for something not edible, a candle of the neighborhood they live in from Ella B candles, an ornament for their tree of something sentimental between the two of yall, a cutting board in the shape of the state they’re from/call home, or a hand cut map from Studio KMO etc. are all awesome gifts!

If you’re on a tight budget, then make something homemade/semi-homemade like the candles I suggested in this post (just alter the colors for these specific holidays) or tryΒ this Goldfish mix…the presentation is super cute, and that’s half the battle! You could also include the recipe…if they love it, they’ll make it again and again and think of you often!


If you’re staying at someone’s house for multiple days, then my FAVORITE thing to gift the host is a house cleaning for after we’re long gone! Rest assured your host has gone to great lengths to have you stay there, and even though I’m sure they’re delighted to have you, the house is often in need of some attention afterwords. Your host has cleaned beforehand, washed linens, stocked the fridge and pantry, and much more. You’ve used every utility in the house, from the water to the electricity to the wifi, and maybe even the car and gas!

I think it’s an awesome idea to touch base with a local cleaning company and arrange for a cleaning to take place, or give a gift certificate for the cleaning company. If your host already has a regular company he or she uses, pay for their next cleaning. Yes, it may be a little pricey, but they’ll never forget the kindness of the gesture. If you’re looking for a company in Charlotte, check out Sweepin Beauty!

My last suggestion is to let everyone know they’re a guest, even if they only get as far as your front porch πŸ™‚ Saw this floating around Facebook yesterday, and love the idea so so so much! Did you know that there will be hundreds of MILLIONS of packages delivered in the next few weeks?! Treat the drivers, deliverers, postal workers, and more well during this season of MUCH longer hours! Look at this cute bin of goodies Lisa Gwin put on her porch:

She is speaking my love language…and by love language, I mean “Little Debbie.” πŸ™‚

If you’d like to watch my segment on Charlotte Today, here ya go:

Do you have any go-to gifts when it comes to giving during the holiday season?! Share them with me in the comments and maybe people will get some extra ideas!