DIY candle decor for the fall!

You know the signs.

The crispness in the air, the colors of the leaves, holidays are fast approaching, and seasonal decor makes it’s appearance! It’s that time of year…


Fall is admittedly my favorite season, but not because I like PSLs (I tried one once and thought it was awful), or wear UGGS (never owned a pair), or because chunky sweaters are LIFE (they just make my chins more prominent). It’s because it’s the time for LOTS of family togetherness! I have a HUGE family, and we use any excuse to party together, but the holidays are all that much more fun when you have a big family to celebrate them with.

I also love that Joshua will take a bit more time off of work, we’ll have more time together in our little family of four, and we may even try to get to NYC at some point during the holiday season, even if only for a few days!

But fall just says COZY to me. Snuggle up with the ones you love, get a fire going in the fireplace, and curl up under a blanket. I love condo living, but we don’t have a fireplace and it bums me out. So we did the next best thing…put a mantle up, and have lanterns of different sizes and shapes filled with candles under it. It’s not the same obvi, but it sets the mood just fine 🙂

Speaking of candles, they’re great for so many reasons…from scent to glow to look…they make a room in my opinion! So I’m going to share SEVEN of my DIY candle ideas with you! Almost everything you see was bought at the Dollar Tree, with a few items from Walmart, so you know that these are also affordable projects! {PRAISE HANDS}

  • The Pumpkin Spice Latte…

Found this glass coffee mug at the store, filled it with whole coffee beans, and sunk a pumpkin spice candle down in the beans! And as the candle starts to burn and warm up, the fragrance of a PSL fills the air! I like the scent, but not the drink, go figure!

  • The Crisp Apple…

Plain glass vase, plus burlap around the side, tied with twine and an apple-scented candle dropped inside…reminds of apple picking in the mountains (which we’ve never done, but makes a lovely anecdote doesn’t it?! ;))

  • The Not-candy Corn…

You don’t always have to buy a vase/votive; just look around the house! I filled a martini low-ball glass with popcorn kernels, and sunk a tea light in them. Then I found a candy corn-colored striped ribbon, and tied it around the neck of the glass! But why not candy corn you ask?! It certainly is in season, right? But let’s be honest…if it was filled with candy corn, I’d want to eat every last one of them. It’s safer this way 😉

  • The Footballer…

This one is super fun for kids and you can do the concept a million different ways, so please customize it for your kiddos how you see fit! But fall means football to me, so I chose that fabric. Walmart sells fabric squares for less than a dollar, so grab a few (I was looking for plaid but didn’t find one that day), and cut a strip of one. Wrap it around a tin soup can you’ve cleaned out, and secure it with a dot of glue, and an extra ribbon! Then instead of using a real candle/lighter and having to worry about the flame/burning, just use a battery-operated light!

  • The Colorful Leaves…

Again, I started with a cheap glass vase, and then used leaves bought at the dollar tree, and hot glued them all over. When a candle goes inside of this, the colors are gorgeous!!! After you hot glue them on, you could always seal them with Modpodge, but I didn’t!

  • The Cinnamon Stick…

Start with a plain pillar candle, and wrap a sheet of paper around the side of it, because as much as I wish hot glue would stick a cinnamon stick to the candle, it won’t. WHY?! Because hot glue melts wax yall!!! {Not speaking from personal experience or anything} 😉 So wrap in paper, glue the sticks on to the paper, and then cut the remaining paper off! YALL. When this one is lit and warmed up?!!! Close your eyes and imagine the smell. You’re welcome.

  • The Glitter and Hemp?!

I like mixing high and low in decor, and this candle is no exception. Starting with a plain pillar again, wrap some sparkly ribbon around and secure it with a push pin. After that, take your roll of hemp, cut off a piece, and make a letter on the side over the existing ribbon, using more push pins. I did M for Miller, but these would look so pretty spread down the center of a table, on a mantle, on your porch, wherever, and they could spell out your whole last name!

These candles are simply meant to give you some ideas, but always add your own spin on them as you see fit! Do multiples of them and use them as centerpieces to a tablescape. Line a mantle with an array of them. Maybe even give them as gifts…they make awesome hostess gifts!

Also, don’t forget to pin it!

Lights, Camera, Bella…turns 11!

Red carpet by Oriental Trading

We rolled out the red carpet for our oldest, Isabella Grace, who was born on Labor Day 2006. That’s right! I was in labor from 12:30am-6:11pm on all of Labor Day! It’s actually a super funny story that deserves it’s own blog post, so standby for that! But this one is all about our girl’s 11th birthday party!!! And since it actually FELL on Labor Day this year, her biggest request was to have the party on her real day, since everyone had the day off! I was more than happy to oblige because it got me out of having to do a spend-the-night birthday party! #momwin

When we started to talk about themes, Bella told me she already knew what she wanted because she saw it in an Oriental Trading catalog…a movie star theme! It made sense because Bella has gotten into drama lately, taking the class at her new middle school, trying out for the school play, and watching old movies! I thought it fit our mini perfectly and we began to map out the plan.

Her Oma and Opa (my parents) live in a condo, and part of their COA fees go to a lounge area that can be “rented out”…all one has to do is sign up for the rooms, and they’re yours for the time frame…no cost! And this area consists of a reception area, lounge with full kitchen (and amazing views), a game room with ping pong, pool table, etc., and a movie theatre! Which obviously worked perfectly for Bella’s party!

Once we nailed down a place, we used Evite for the invitation! I’m sure I could’ve gotten some cute invitations to mail, but Evite was fast and easy, and saved me money on stamps!

I don’t know why it isn’t showing the whole invite, but you get the picture #punintended

Then it was time to shop for decor and supplies! Since Bella got the idea for this from Oriental Trading, she had already fallen in love with a bunch of their stuff, so we ordered it from them! We got SO MUCH STUFF, and their prices are ON POINT yall, so my wallet was happy too! But I gotta also say this…the quality of the stuff was better than I expected! Super thick paper used on things I thought might be thin and flimsy, products were larger/longer/more durable than I thought they’d be. Overall, I was super impressed by not only the goodies, but the service as well! I’ll point out some of the specific items we ordered as I post the pics below.

Then came THE dress. To start, Bella wanted her friends to arrive wearing their “red carpet best,” which meant she would also be wearing a fancy dress! We had planned on her wearing something she already owned, but then she saw THE dress. When I was working the Southern Women’s Show a few weekends ago, Bella joined me for a bit, and I let her walk up and down the aisle of booths (we were located in) to kill time. She came across a booth called Promise Clothing, and fell in love with a dress that was front and center.

She ran back to me at the Bonita Pina booth and begged me to come see THE dress. Finally I relented, and when I laid my eyes on it, I knew why she was enamored. I spoke to Lesa, the owner and designer, and asked if we could buy the dress right then and there but it wasn’t Bella’s size. So guess what?! She offered to make her one! But then I said, “I need it in 10 days.” Bless Lesa’s heart…she not only got it done, but she had it done early AND delivered it to our door! Bella felt so beautiful in this dress, and we can’t thank Lesa enough! Please contact her here if you want something special for your little girl! Lesa’s company will not only be showing at Charlotte’s Fashion Week, but she’s also been asked to participate in NYFW too!!! Bravo Lesa!

Her fitting with Ms. Lesa!

Oma let Bella go through her jewelry!

Lesa even made a muff for her hands!

Then it came time to do some crafting for Bella’s party, including a ticket booth! Bella had the awesome idea to buy a tri-fold board (like we use for the science fair) and make it the ticket booth…complete with movie posters of what the girls were going to be watching that day! It was so easy to make, and took less than $15 total!

I purchased a few other odds and ends for the party from Party City, The Dollar Store and Walmart in the days leading up to it, but totally forgot about the CAKE!!! I know, I know. As a former caker, it should be the first thing on my mind, but honestly, Bella kept waffling between an ice cream cake, and a real cake! So we were down to the wire, and were in a Publix anyways grabbing some groceries, and I told her to look through their catalog. She found a graduation cake that she liked the style of, minus the pic and diploma obviously, but we could make it work! Then I saw it was $80, and thought ‘I wonder if I could order the tiers separately and finish decorating/stacking it myself?’ So I did just that…ordered an 8 inch red rosette tier, and a plain white 6 inch tier, and spent $35 this way 🙂

Bella and I had fun decorating the top tier together, and I highly recommend you trying this if you have the will to stack your own cake! But you must somewhat know what you’re doing, and I wanted to video it so bad for yall, but simply ran out of time! The top tier was wrong when I went to pick it up the night before (#MandiesLaw) and I had to reorder, getting that tier the morning of her party and still having to decorate the dang thing!

I digress.

With everything ready to go, we headed over to the condo, unpacked everything, decorated it all, and welcomed Bella’s friends on the red carpet at 3pm sharp. They got a ticket to the movie at the ticket booth, posed in front of the backdrop while paparazzi took their pics, got glasses of sparkling grape juice, and hung out. They played in the game room, while we waited on everyone to show up, and then it was time to start the show, with a clap board of course!

Sweet friends from Irish dancing, RiverGate ES, Dilworth ES, her cousin, Lilly and Lilly’s bestie, Loren.

Clapboard from oriental Trading

Bella chose Singin’ in the Rain because it was a throw back to old Hollywood, and because she loves that movie!

We had a “concession stand” with snacks for everyone to choose from before the movie, their own bags of popcorn, and drinks! After the movie, we had cake and opened presents. The take home gift was a movie award, and Bella presented each friend with one saying they won “The Best Friend Award,” and Lilly got “The Best Sister Award.”

Dessert table!

Movie reel table runner from Oriental Trading!

Popcorn bags from Dollar Tree, and bowls from Party City

Movie Buff Awards, plates, and napkins from Oriental Trading

It was an amazing day, for our incredible mini, and I can’t wait to see what we dream up for her twelfth!!! Although I’m not rushing the days away at all!

A few more group pics with the fun props from Oriental Trading!

My gorgeous family! And I’m tall because of 7 inch heels (seriously, look at them)!

Irish dancing friends!

My parents, and sister, Jackie…they’re always the best helpers!

Sweet cousins in front of the Oriental Trading red curtain backdrop

For our kids’ birthdays, the not birthday girl gets to bring a friend!

RiverGate friends, and we all lived in the same ‘hood!

Dilworth Crew!

Shop some of the random things I used:


We’re moving…to a HOUSE??? (part 2)!

If you missed part 1, HERE it is! Go read it first 🙂

So where did we leave off?! Oh yes…

Annnnnnnnd, the plot thickens!!!

I tell Joshua about this, and wasn’t sure what he thought. Hell, I wasn’t sure what I thought about it. But at least it was an option. Is it our “dream neighborhood”? No. I’m currently typing this from my couch in our dream ‘hood (our condo :)). BUT, is it my dream to be close to family and make smart financial decisons? Yes.

Fun fact for my new followers: my sister, Jackie, and I built our second homes back to back years ago, and loved it! No really! See those stairs? They led from our backyard to the gate of my sister’s fence in her backyard!

When my niece and nephews come to live with us, will it be AWESOME to have all of their cousins right there?! Yes! Does it make it super easy on my mom when she picks our kids up from carpool on Tuesdays, and brings them to our homes? Absolutely! When we have family Thanksgivings, will it be amazing to see 60+ people walking between our two homes to fix a cocktail, hang out on our porch, throw horseshoes, etc.? Totally. Will it be SO MUCH FUN watching our kids have sleepovers, camping in the backyards, and hanging out in tree houses? Of course.

So we think it all over, and decide that we will totally take my parents up on this idea! And as we start to share the news with our close family members, I quickly realize that EVERY SINGLE PERSON knew about/had already been offered/wanted/had discussed this magical lot of land. And we were the last to get thrown a bone about it #middlechildproblems! Even my cousins, who JUST MOVED TO CHARLOTTE, had been told about the land from my parents?!!! But even if I was the last to know (I always am), we’re the quickest to act and take them up on it 😉

My parentals are going to finance the construction loan, and when the house is done being built, they’ll sell it to us plus the cost of the land, and call it a day! We’ve already started the grading process, and pray to be done late February! We also hope to sell our home right around that same time, using the equity from it to pay off a good chunk of the new house, so it should all work out pending #MandiesLaw 😉

And it really is SUCH a smart financial move for us! The land is CRAZY affordable (and not just because it’s my parent’s), but they got a steal years ago on it. And because we’re building a small (easy) house, it won’t cost too much to build! And with the way that building/real estate is coming up S. Tryon, we feel like we’ll be sitting pretty in 5-10 years, maybe sooner.

Once we decided we were going to build, we had to find a plan, and didn’t want to spend the money to do it from scratch. And since I like small living spaces, we were quite limited in our search (which helps because it narrows it down). But side note: why do so many people want big homes?! I don’t want to clean, cool, or heat a big house. People only SLEEP in their bedrooms. We spend almost ALL of our time in the kitchen/living room (even when we had a 2200 sq ft house). But we eventually found a plan on HousePlans that we both loved, and I had to compromise with a 1687 sq ft house, which was bigger than I wanted (I swear I would live in a tiny home if I could) LOL! But I know for resell value, it needed to be closer to that size, and we’re super excited about it!

We hired Jackie’s boyfriend, Greg, who is a general contractor (and also owns a landscaping company…two birds one stone, woohoo), and he is AMAZING! If you want his cell, let me know! If you want to follow along with the progress, follow me on Instagram HERE, and if you already follow me, then you found out about this weeks ago when I spilled the beans to my followers. See?! You should be following me for the inside scoop 😉

Anyways, I’m a city girl through and through, and always will be. When we are empty nesters, I ASSURE you, we will be back in a condo, maybe in this exact same building (I mean, it’s named Royal Court for god’s sake?! Too perfect for my royal-family-obsessed self)! Joshua promises me that we will still bike ride everywhere, as it’s pretty close to the Woodlawn light rail stop, and we can jump on the bike path, and head straight into uptown! It’s only 4.5 miles away from our condo door to our new door, so it just fit within my five mile criteria 😉

What about schools? Well, Bella is easy because she goes to a magnet school, not a neighborhood school, that we did the lottery for her to get into because she wanted an IB school! Lilly goes to a neighborhood school, that we ADORE, and want to keep her in. But not just because it’s a great school, but also because if we send her to our new home’s school, it will be her third elementary school (and she’s in 3rd grade). I just don’t think it will be good for her to switch again, so I hope it can be avoided! Thus, I will ask the school if she can stay, and if I have to appeal to the school board, I’m fully prepared to do that. Plus, we don’t need either of them to bus to school since I drive them to their respective schools!

So that’s our big news yall!

Now, to start picking out ALL OF THE THINGS!!! Paint, cabinets and flooring…OH MY! Now this I can get excited about…design is my jam! Follow along with #millersonthemove on social media, and if you want to follow me on Pinterest, I’m sure I’ll be pinning more with home decor ideas HERE!

Oh, and if you work for/know a company that is in the home building/decor arena AT ALL, and you want to work some sort of trade out, please let me know! I have a media kit I can send you (or the powers at be) to show you my social media reach, and how “advertising” with me is beneficial. Whether it’s through shout outs on my feeds, or advertising spaces on my blog, or a combo of the two! We’ll need everything from brick to paint, tile to flooring, lighting to plumbing, and everything in between. And let’s be honest, when I LOVE a company/product, ev-er-y-one knows about it because I have such a big mouth! Anyways, email me to chat more about the promotion opportunities!


We’re moving…into a HOUSE??? (part 1)

I know. I’m as shocked at the title as you are. 😉 And I promise I wanted to put an exclamation point at the end of it, but I’m not there yet (I will be…I know it)!!! Give me a hot minute 😉

But the truth is this…I never want to move out of the condo. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #condolivin.

I LOVE where it is located, in this perfect mix of Dilworth and uptown. We can bike EVERYWHERE, and get to museums and sporting events and parks without ever getting in a car. I love having a concierge to schedule appointments and be there when the cable person comes, or to deliver us packages. I love having a gym (WHAT?! I used it at least 20 times in almost three years ;)) for Joshua to workout in when the weather was too crappy for him to run outside. I love having a lounge area, free of charge, to use any time it was available, to host parties in! I love having a pool and hot tub, and outdoor kitchen/grill area to hang out, and enjoy the gorgeous weather!


I love my balcony, and staring at the gorgeous Charlotte skyline. The cranes erecting new skyscrapers, offices, and places for people to live! I love the noise of the traffic, the helicopters, and even the sirens. I like how busy it always feels outside of my sliding back door. I’ll miss taking #viewfrommybalcony pics, trying to avoid getting the power plant in the bottom of my pic and all 😉 I’ll miss sitting on the balcony, reading a book, while listening to people drive way too fast on 277.

But #condolivin does have a few downsides. I’m convinced we have THE MOST SENSITIVE SMOKE DETECTOR EVER CREATED. I understand that they are needed, especially in a building where you making a bad decision can affect everyone else. But I can’t sear a steak, bake a pizza, or cook bacon without it going off 12 times (sorry neighbors)! Or carrying up a week’s worth of groceries took multiple trips, even though I’d try to carry it all at once. Problem is you still have to be able to scan your key fob to get into the building and onto the elevator! This is when shoulder dislocation comes into play, and a spilled gallon of milk for good measure. I’ve also had to wear a bra more, because if I have to run down to my car/throw out garbage in the chute/get the mail, I need to not run through the building sans bra. 🙂 And if one of us forgets something when we get to the car, it’s a 10 minute round trip to get back in the building, up the elevator, into the condo, find the thing, get back on the elevator, come back outside, and get in the car. Now, try doing that with anywhere from two-five kids already buckled in car seats. BAD WORDS.

But the GOOD so far outweighed the bad. I love living in 1100 square feet, even when we were a family of seven. I LOVED IT. Small spaces are manageable, to clean/organize/live in. It really forced us to get rid of crap that was simply piling up, or was there “just in case.” When a new toy or clothing item comes in, one goes out. We have never had a storage unit, and no one is keeping our “stuff.” What is in the condo is what we have to our name. We have one living space (our kitchen and living room are open to each other), two bedrooms (the minis share), two bathrooms, a laundry room, and that’s IT. I can plug the vacuum into an outlet in the LIVING room, and vacuum BOTH bedrooms far corner to far corner without unplugging!

Needless to say, I LOVE condo living, and would stay for the rest of my life if I could!

So why are we leaving then?

Well, for starters, it looks like we’ll have John and Joy’s kids again summer of 2018, but they’ll have four kiddos because baby sister was born yesterday!!! If you want to read about the last time we had their kids, head HERE and HERE! So that would make us a family of two adults and six kiddos under 11! And although I know I could fit eight in here (what’s one more?!), many others thought differently than me 😉 I told them that I could do two sets of bunk beds again, and I could pull a mattress out from underneath the one set nightly, and the baby could be in the closet again, but I was vetoed. So that’s what started the GREAT MILLER HOUSE HUNT OF 2017. But before I get too far into the GMHHO2017, let me explain our situation.

  • Our friends rent the house we own near Lake Wylie and have it until Feb 2018.
  • We rent the condo and are month to month right now.
  • Joshua would have to carry the loan for a new house by himself.
  • Bella goes to a magnet school, Piedmont Middle School just outside of uptown
  • Lilly goes to Dilworth which is very close to uptown and Piedmont

And since we already covered that I didn’t want to move far from the city AT ALL, it meant we were looking within a five mile radius of uptown, and focused on 3 bedroom condos/town homes. Guess what there’s not a lot of?! THOSE. Apparently only DINKS (double income no kids) and retirees/empty nesters live in them according to builders, so there weren’t a lot of 3 bedroom/2 bath on the market (in our range).

So we started to look for actual houses, which also means, SHIT IS EXPENSIVE. I’m talking TEAR DOWNS go for $450K in our ideal neighborhoods. Then you still have to have the money to BUILD A WHOLE NEW HOUSE. And we didn’t even want a big house…I was saying I wouldn’t entertain anything bigger than 1400 sq ft, and still couldn’t find anything that worked in our price range?! So WHAT WERE WE GOING TO DO YALL?!

Enter Mary and Jack…you met my parents in THIS story 🙂 Well, when I was a sophomore in high school, they bought an old, big house on Yorkmont Road (the farmer’s market and the old Hive are landmarks if you’re not familiar with the road). They lived in it until they got their condo uptown a few years ago, and my sister moved into the house, and still lives there! Anyways, they came to me recently and said, “not sure if you know this, but we bought the lot next to the Yorkmont house years ago.” “Really?!” I replied. “Yes, we did, and we’ve been talking, and we think that you and Joshua could just build a house on that lot!”

Annnnnnd, the plot thickens!

Click HERE for PART 2!

But first, here’s a pic of my new baby niece, Evelyn Rosetta Thomas…


How to make eclipse glasses “protectors!”

If you’re like me, you are so freaking excited about the eclipse that you’ve been planning it for months! Yes, I knew it was coming a while ago, because when i first heard about it, I noticed it fell on our 13th wedding anniversary! I felt like it was a lucky day for sure! But not only for that reason, but also because I’m a proud nerd!

I took astronomy in college as my science and I love to go to planetariums! We even had an outer space theme for one of Bella’s birthday parties, where I hung the solar system from our living room ceiling! So yes, I’m excited about this once in a lifetime thing (and by lifetime, I mean a TOTAL eclipse from a location I can actually get to)! It’s totally (pun intended) fine if you couldn’t care less about it, but no need to knock the people who are truly intrigued and excited about it 🙂

However, as we get closer to the big day, more and more info is coming out about the risks of watching the eclipse. Now, I’m not trying to give you a ‘what’s an eclipse’ lesson, but the nuts and bolts of it are this…IT’S DANGEROUS TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. We all know this and have been told this our entire lives, right? So here’s the deal, where I live (Charlotte, NC) is going to experience a 98% eclipse, which means, there will still be 2% of the sun visible…thus, you must keep your solar glasses on the entire time if you are going to stare at the sun! But, we’re going to Columbia, SC (to my SIL’s house) because she is in the path of totality, which means when the moon completely covers the sun, we can remove our glasses and look at it and be fine!

If you want to see what the percentage will be where you are located, click on this LINK, and type in your city!

Let me reiterate…the sun is no different on Monday than it has ever been any other day of your life. But because of the partial eclipse (depending on where you’re located), you’re going to get darkness, and there may be a false sense of ‘it’s okay to look up and stare’…and this is why eye doctors are worried about your eyes! However, if you don’t plan on looking at the sun (like just about every other day of your existence), then you don’t need any protection. You can be outside, and doing your normal life stuff, and just not look up!

But if you do plan to take in the eclipse, and especially if you plan on having your kids experience it, then you may be concerned about them keeping their glasses on. Let’s face it, the glasses are one size, but they don’t fit all 🙂 And on little kids/people with smaller heads, there’s lot of room to look up, down and around. So I created a video to show you how to make solar glasses “protectors” out of paper plates and a piece of elastic cording! You’ll just need a pair of sharp scissors and a pencil or pen, and you’ll be good to go!

don’t forget to PIN IT!

I had my daughters, Isabella (10) and Lillian (8), join me on the project! They’re so cute and funny, and I loved having their help! If you have any questions, let me know!

The video is 10 minutes long, but that’s as long it will take you to make these, so it’s super fast and easy! I threw this one together, so forgive the quality, and overall haphazardness of it! You’ll at least get the gist, AND you’ll see my precious minis 🙂

Here’s the LINK to the video tutorial on You Tube!!!

Are you excited about the eclipse?! If so, where are you watching it from, and what’s your percentage of totality?!!! Leave me a comment below! Oh, and subscribe to my you tube channel if you end up like the video we made!

Do you need to send a little “HOPE” to someone?!

It’s hard in the blogging world to talk about something you love, because people may assume you’re only talking about it, because you’re getting PAID to talk about it. But that’s just not the case most times. At least for me. So far, I’ve only talked about things that I love, and haven’t gotten a dime from the companies to do so. And HOPEBOX is no different!

You haven’t heard of HOPEBOX?! Well, that’s because it’s BRAND NEW! It’s the brain child of some friends of mine, and I truly believe it’s going to become a household name!

What’s HOPEBOX?!

In the words of one of the founders…

“If you’re like us and most other people, it’s hard to know what to do for ourselves or others when difficult times come. After that initial week or two of concern and support, people generally move on with their lives. We know the hurting is still there, but what more can we do?

Over one, six, twelve, or more months, Hopebox provides a way to show loved ones you’re there and you’re not going anywhere. The beautiful handmade gifts inside are paired with a heartfelt note of concern, personalized to the receiver’s unique situation. Flowers wither, meals spoil, but the memory of receiving a beautiful Hopebox lasts a lifetime.”

And the thing is, as much as we don’t want to need to send these boxes, I have so many friends hurting right now (and I’m sure you do too). So I sent four Hopeboxes to friends who needed some encouragement, and they were so appreciative, shocked, and overwhelmed by how beautiful and thoughtful all of the products were inside. Here were their comments…

“Thank you for the sweet gift box! Um, it’s full of amazing things! I love all of it. Thanks for thinking of us.” ~friend in Texas

“I don’t even know what hopebox is but it’s pretty much the sweetest thing you could have done for me. The contents are so wonderful. Seriously don’t have mascara on now thanks to the waterfall on my face but they are happy tears. And grateful ones. Your note gets me ~ and so do you. And I love you for it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” ~friend in Charlotte

“This sweet little box held some sweet stuff but best of all was the prayers and well wishes of our sweet friend Mandie and her family! Enclosed was an awesome hand stamped brass hammered Hope cuff, spa daze luxury soy candle, floral bath bomb, organic moisturizing lotion bar, herbal facial steam, crochet hope friend heart, vegan lip balm, sweet pop open ‘Hope’ cards, ‘Read this til you believe it’ gift book and two ‘yes, you’ cards to remind me to have hope. I feel like I got a hug from my friend in Charlotte! Thank you Mandie!” ~friend in SC
“I. Have. No. Words. Seriously. You’re so sweet. I can’t thank you enough for the Hopebox. It’s amazing and brightened my day!!!” ~friend in NC


Now let’s get down to the brass tacks right? How much was it Miranda?! To send a box one time was $49 plus tax and shipping. Just make sure to select “this is a gift” when checking out, and that will ensure that your card won’t renew automatically. If you’re ordering the box as a subscription for yourself (or someone) to receive monthly, the price goes down based on the amount of months you order, saving you up to $89/year! This was of course BEFORE the discount code is applied (which could save you another $50 if you order the 12 month one)!!!

Please consider HopeBox next time you want to send someone something they’ll remember forever! How awesome would this box even be for your kid who is away at college to get every month?! And just for my readers/followers, HopeBox will give you 10% if you use the code MANDIE10 🙂 Visit the website at to see their ordering options!

And if you’re confused by me going by two names (as mentioned in this post), you can read about it HERE. I know it gets confusing! 🙂