Okay, maybe not my WHOLE life, but certainly parts of it, and I didn’t even realize it was something I cared about if I’m being quite honest. I’ve always prided myself on being the girl who doesn’t put a lot of effort into her “look.” I buy all of my makeup from a store called Five Below (if you don’t know what it is, it’s a store where everything is $5 or less). I couldn’t IMAGINE spending more than $40 on anything that I would wear on my body, whether that’s shoes, a dress, hat, or most certainly a beauty product. I’ve gotten lucky along the way with having good, olive skin (thanks Mom!), even though I treat it like crap. I never wash my face (like NEVER), sleep in my makeup (when I wear it), and am lax about using sunscreen (I know, I promise to be better about this).

Needless to say, I might be one of the most low-maintenance chicks when it comes to all things beauty, fashion, and style! Which is why I have SO.MUCH.TROUBLE calling myself a “lifestyle blogger.” And also why anytime someone says that phrase to describe me, I say, “with the focus on LIFE, and zero on style.”

But all that to be said, I suddenly care about my eyelashes yall. Why? Because they’re long, like, ridiculously long.

Before I go any further, let me say this…I do not sell any products. I will never sell for this company. I don’t make a dime off of any purchases. And this is not a sponsored post/ad/partnership, etc. So you know my words to be 100% true, and furthermore, this post is actually about a surprising realization about my confidence needing a boost, not so much about Lash Boost. But because I have to name the product, I wanted to give these disclaimers, and I hope you continue to read on…

So my girlfriend, Heather, is a rep for a company called Rodan+Fields. I can only assume you have 37 people in your feed talking about it every ten seconds like I do in mine? 😉 But Heather is different, as she doesn’t talk about it nonstop, especially on her social media feeds and won’t hound you. But since she’s a makeup artist too, she knows skin care and beauty products, and I trust her. She saw that I was doing TV appearances more regularly as of late, and that I was applying fake eyelashes each time. She simply texted me, and said something along the lines of, “hey superstar {dripping in sarcasm :)}, instead of having to do fake eyelashes each time, why don’t you grow your own with lash boost?!” I told her that it was more than my budget would allow at this time, but she reminded me that it was a 60 day money back guarantee and I had nothing to lose!

I have to admit I was skeptical. I’ve had sensitive, watery eyes for a long time, and I was sure lash boost would irritate them. And we’ve already covered how lazy I am when it comes to anything involving a beauty product. Would I actually stick with this, and see it to the finish line? And even if I did do exactly as it says on the instructions, I’m sure it wouldn’t work on me (most things don’t let’s be honest).

A Bridesmaids meme?! Yes, please!

So imagine my surprise when in just a matter of weeks I saw a difference. The product essentially conditions your current lashes, and makes them stronger, so that they CAN grow nice and long and thick. (I think). I didn’t really read the insert…I just swiped the serum on my top lid, where one would apply eyeliner, before bed each night (blinking naturally transferred it to the bottom lid). And because it legit took 7 seconds total to do, I actually stuck with it yall (I was shocked too)!!! And now that my 12 weeks are up, I’m here to show you my results!

Dated results! No makeup (intentionally so the lashes could stand out) except mascara!

Crazy right?! I even missed a few nights of application here and there! And they still grew OOC (out of control)! To be honest, I didn’t think my eyelashes were “short” to begin with. They certainly didn’t bother me at all. But I am LIVING for them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was perfect timing since I have them for the summer, where I get my face wet (and sweaty) much more!

So what’s next you ask?! I maintain! I will continue to use lash boost, but probably every other night, or every three nights as needed. I started trying not to blink, in order to keep the serum just on the upper lid, because the bottom lashes were SO LONG that they were curling back on to my under eye bags LOL! Yes, you do have to keep buying and using it to maintain the condition of the lashes, but isn’t that true for anything? If you lose weight and reach your goal weight, you have to maintain. You still have to watch what you eat, and go to the gym…you don’t get to just stop doing what got you there…you just change it up a bit!

But back to the title. Why did long lashes change my life?

Well because now I have these long eyelashes that I’ve nurtured and grown, like a little eyelash garden of sorts, and I want to show them off! I will admit that I don’t wear a “full face” of makeup often, and certainly not in my daily life of nannying, blogging, and taking my kids to their practices. But with a coat of mascara, I feel like my face is “done,” and like I have put some effort in to my look…finally! Add some blush and lip gloss, and my face feels finished in three minutes or less. I feel like my shoulders are back further, and my head is held higher, even with the weight of all of these lashes ;). I also understand why my friends with eyelash extensions say they feel more confident, and use less makeup in general! I barely ever put on concealer, bronzer, eye shadow, etc.

And here’s more honest truth…when I’m heavier in my weight (which I am right now), I count on my face more…to carry me in a way, if that makes sense? And because I feel prettier, I’m wanting to be in the pictures more, and I’m not saying “ugh, I look so tired/fat/horrible/gross today…please don’t get me in the pic.” This may sound pathetic to some, but I know there are some of you nodding your head right now because you’ve been there.

I mean…you can say it, I’m showing off! No makeup…just mascara.

What’s the cost? It fluctuates…based on if you become a loyal customer, if you just purchase it outright, or if a rep is doing a sale on it. So you’d have to ask directly…like I said, I don’t sell it, and I don’t want to tell you the wrong information. What I do know, is that it’s around $135 to buy the tube because I am a loyal customer of Heather’s already (when I got products I didn’t use years ago…oops). It’s meant to last 60 days (or $2+/day), but the tube lasted me three months so far, and there’s still stuff in it! And compared to the eyelash extensions/fill-ins I was quoted by two different places, I know this stuff is much more affordable! Plus, I’m a crier, so I’d cry off extensions in a day 🙂

Here’s the thing. If you have the disposable income to buy something that makes you feel better about yourself, buy it! This is one of those rare times when you’ll hear me say YOLO, but seriously, why not?! And sometimes you just have to do something for you…treat yo self 😉 It just may change your life too!

If you want to chat with Heather about it (again, she is the least annoying sales person EVER), here’s her contact info…

Email: heathergbryson@gmail.com

Click HERE to go to her lash boost page!

If you have any questions for me, ASK AWAY!

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And today is a very special day in the Rodan+Fields community because it’s GO NAKED day! If you post a selfie of your face “naked” and use the hashtag #RFgonaked, the company is donating money to youth programs (think literacy and volunteerism) up to half a million dollars! For more info on GO NAKED day, click HERE! Here’s my selfie! Make sure you post yours on social media!

greasy hair don’t care…no mascara obvi!

PS I’ve been asked what mascara I use…like I said, it’s gotta be less than $5 🙂 Here ya go!