Okay, this is going to be the quickest post I’ve ever written because it all centers around a purchase from Amazon that is an “as seen on TV” product! I first laid eyes on this life-changing product on my cousin, Kirby’s, IG insta-story, and as fast as my fingers could type “milk magic tap” in Amazon’s search field, it was on its way to our condo!

See, my family goes through 3-5 gallons of milk a week, with the Stud responsible for at least 75% of the consumption. And he likes it COLD. And even when it’s perfectly cold, he needs crushed ice in it too. Needless to say, he doesn’t like it coming out of the fridge if he can possibly help it.


It’s this battery-operated device that goes on top of your jug of milk, and you put your cup up to the lever and press it, and out comes the milk from the spout! IT’S FREAKING GENIUS!!! Part of me is pissed I didn’t come up with the idea, and the other part of me wonders where it’s been my whole life. But the other parts of me are just thrilled I’ve finally found it!

And guess what else?!

It’s $5.55


Yup. So there you have it. Start your 2018 on the right foot yall. And get this ASAP…Amazon prime will have it there for your new year! It even has a lock on it, so if you don’t want little hands pressing the lever, no worries! But it should keep them from spilling the entire jug of milk, so that’s helpful, right?!!! 🙂 And if you have peeps in your house that like to drink out of the jug, this should deter that (please baby Jesus…backwash makes me gag like something whoa).

So it got in the other day, I put two double A batteries in it and couldn’t wait to try it! And yall, it was everything I wanted it to be, and more LOL! Of course, I did what you expect of me by now…put it on my insta-story right away, and the response was INSANE. “What is this contraption?!” “Why didn’t you get me one?!” “I need this, like yesterday.”

And get a few because it works on everything…OJ, fruit juice, tea, distilled water, anything that comes in/you put in a jug! A person commented and said she uses her brita to filter the water and then puts it in a huge jug with the magic tap because her kids were always spilling the brita! But it’s also great for those who struggle with mobility, dexterity, and lifting heavy things! Or maybe you just always have a baby on your hip, and thus the use of only one hand at a time #beentheredonethat!

And because I’m a giver…

…without further ado, here’s the direct link peeps:

Love yall so much, and cheers (with milk) to 2018! xoxo

PS. If you want to see how I used milk in my NYE fun with the kiddos, check out that post HERE!